The Korea-America Economic Association

Job Openings (Bank of Korea)

BANK OF KOREA, Seoul, Korea

C Mathematical and Quantitative Methods
E Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics
F International Economics
G Financial Economics
H Public Economics
J Labor and Demographic Economics
L Industrial Organization

The Institute for Monetary and Economic Research (IMER) of the Bank of Korea seeks economists to conduct research in the above fields. Experienced candidates should have a Ph.D. in economics and relevant experience in research or academic institutions. New Ph.D. applicants should complete all requirements for their Ph.D. degrees by the end of September 2011. Excellent research potential, strong technical writing skills and full proficiency in Korean are required. For consideration please mail or email your CV with two letters of reference and an official application form (downloadable at by no later than January 15, 2011 (or by December 15, 2010, to be considered for an interview at the AEA 2011 annual meeting) to: Hyunjoon Lim, Institute for Monetary and Economic Research, The Bank of Korea, 110, 3-Ga, Namdaemun-Ro, Jung-Gu, Seoul, 100-794, Republic of Korea (Tel: +82-2-759-5445, e-mail: ).