The Korea-America Economic Association


The KAEA is pleased to announce that Dr. Donggyu Sul (University of Texas at Dallas) is going to receive the 2019 Maekyung-KAEA Economist Award for his professional achievement. The award ceremony will be held during the Annual Meeting of the KAEA at Marriott Marquis in Atlanta, at 6:00 pm, January 5, 2019. Congratulations!

Donggyu Sul is professor of economics at the University of Texas at Dallas since 2009. He was a senior lecturer and then an associate professor at the University of Auckland (2000-09), following his stint as a visiting assistant professor at the Ohio State University (1998-2000) and research economist at Korea University (1992-97). He received his Ph.D. in economics from the Ohio State University in 1992. His primary research area is econometric theory, but he has also made important contributions in the field of international finance. He has published prolifically, including articles in Econometrica and Review of Economic Studies. He is currently a co-editor of International Economic Journal. It is also worth noting his many contributions to the community of Korean economists abroad, including his work as a co-organizer of the Korean Econometric Summer Camp (2012-15) and as the secretary general of KAEA (2011-13).

The KAEA appreciates the Award Nomination Committee (Drs. Doh-Shin Jeon (Chair), Sokbae Lee, Yongcheol Shin) for their valuable service for award nomination this year.