Year 2020

July 28, 2020 (Tuesday):

Title: Downward Nominal Wage Rigidity in the United States

Presenter: Yoon Joo Jo (Texas A&M)

Discussant: Gee Hee Hong (IMF)


August 25, 2020 (Tuesday):

Title: Inequality, Disaster Risk and the Great Recession

Presenter: Heejeong Kim (Concordia University)

Discussant: Soojin Kim (Purdue University)


September 16, 2020 (Wednesday, 8pm EDT):

Title: Spousal Labor Supply, Caregiving, and the Value of Disability Insurance

Presenter: Siha Lee (McMaster University)

Discussant: Jisoo Hwang (HUFS)


September 29, 2020 (Tuesday, 8pm EDT):

Title: Heterogeneous Shadow Financing

Presenter: Hyunju Lee (Ryerson)

Discussant: Yoonsoo Lee (Sogang University)


October 14, 2020 (Wednesday, 3pm EST):

Title: Cleaner but Volatile Energy? The Effect of Coal Plant Retirement on Market Competition in the Wholesale Electricity Market
Presenter: Harim Kim (University of Mannheim)

Discussant: Myongjin Kim (University of Oklahoma)


November 11, 2020 (Wednesday, 8pm EST):

Title: The Value of Improving Insurance Quality: Evidence from Long-Run Medicaid Attrition – title changed

Presenter: Ajin Lee (Michiga State University)

Discussant: Ami Ko (Georgetown) – withdrew

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